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This website was started about a year after my first claim against Griffiths aka Melanie Mareuge-Lejeune and Stephen Derwent Griffiths concluded. Even before the judgment was promulgated they started asking for numerous reconsiderations and launched an even worse campaign against me. When I realised the extent of their obsession with my life and circumstances, I had to do something to warn people they were contacting to harm me behind my back. I thought at least my name will come up if anyone bothers to search.

I did have some nice flower and veg garden pictures and some posts I thought were interesting. The passwords to the blogs were stolen on one occasion before these two started claiming there were posts that were not on here was here. I removed what was indeed here and just kept it for basic explanation posts to defend myself. I do not change anything anymore once it's posted as two sets of employers have entirely created posts and claimed they were on here and passed them as evidence at the Tribunal and Employment Appeal Tribunal in the past. So I keep everything as it is to stop them doing this in future. If anyone wants to check what actually is here, they can.

But, I will diverge from the theme of Tribunals for one little gift:

Ignore the lyrics if you must, ignore the language too if you don't understand it. Listen with a heart and you will get it.

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