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Employment Tribunals! Why me?

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

Yes, 'Why Me?' again and again. Why go thorough life without even noticing such tribunals exist and all of a sudden they come in threes and more. I will tell the story here, at least try to... I find parts of it amusing because of what I have discovered while trying to correct a few wrongs and mostly scary as I had never noticed so much dishonesty could exist in different layers of our seemingly civilised society.

One does feel like having been to a slaughter house after a tribunal hearing and there should definitely exist some sort of support service just to recover from that. And there is the shock of the judgment and especially the online judgments. There will be a lot of opinions and mistaken findings in there and not a way to contribute or change it. You can appeal against it but that is a slow process. Even after it's changed there may be other wrongs in it. Or you can have employers who use fake names so they are not affected by what's on there and that will also motivate them to be even more attacking and aggressive. What do they have to lose anyway?

Going back to the 'Why me?" bit: it's because I have been unlucky, or may be careless enough to agree to work for people who turned out to be relentlessly dishonest, and hostile when challenged in an Employment Tribunal. I did try to move on when London Borough of Islington wronged me years ago but a few years later Griffiths/Lejeune tied it all together when they started a war on me just to avoid paying minimum wage. If Mareuge-Lejeune hadn't contacted all of the employers on my CV and lied to them by saying I was applying for a job, long after I had resigned, may be some of this wouldn't have happened. If she had not shared one of the "reference"s she had illegally obtained, most of these events probably wouldn't have happened. If they had not started a smear campaign against me to justify their appalling conduct, again some or most of these events wouldn't have happened. They are still either right out lying or twisting so many details it would take forever to correct them. I will probably never find out most of the lies they spewed behind my back. But I have got to try and be here at least for the main parts.

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