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Updated: Feb 1, 2022

Below pictures that are found in Google search results belong to the former employers of mine who are the subject of Employment Tribunal judgments. As one of the judges said they use different names for different purposes so I think it's important to put faces to the names, hence posting the pictures here. The names they are known as are Melanie Mareuge-Lejeune, Melanie Griffiths, Steve Griffiths, Stephen Griffiths and Stephen Derwent Griffiths. They fought me for three years for a minimum wage claim and made allegations against me. They misrepresented themselves to all of my other former employers to dupe them into providing post employment 'references'. They complained to the Police about me for bringing a claim at least four times that I know of now and said some things they are not proud of. Therefore I will leave this information here as they do not seem to want to stop their conduct. In case they contact you, they do not have consent or authority to ask anything about me whether it be personal or professional.

Apparently they found a way to move the judgments to the omitted search results on Google when they are searched under their names while they appear high up when my name is typed. These judgments are littered with incorrect information and omit the actual proceedings. They favour these people heavily and make me look unreasonable. Yet even that is not enough for them and they are looking for new ways to hide while still trying to harm me just because I brought a claim when they thought they had got away with deducting my wages in an undetectable way. The Employment Tribunals in UK are not only incredibly unfair but open to be used by employers who want to harm employees. These people have enjoyed the process immensely while pretending to be victims of a simple claim because the Tribunal and Employment Appeal Tribunal allowed themselves to be manipulated by them. A public service that is supposedly in place to seek basic employee rights under the law has been used to make me lose more while trying to recover my wages. I believe if the system was not so willing to serve the interest of bad employers these people would have acted differently. How the Tribunals and the representatives of these people treated me can be labelled as legal bullying. I have been lied to in legal correspondence, I have been told by the Tribunal I am not allowed to express my complaints fully -to protect these people-, facts of the claims were omitted or distorted and I was even lied about by an Employment Appeal Tribunal judge who thinks it's acceptable for an employer to create documents to be used against an employee. The more you fight the injustice the more the judges attack you. They try to support each other by writing more judgements that omit and distort facts. It seems that they think its arrogant for some people, like me to be seeking justice and they punish you more. It has got to such a bad state I have no option but to continue to fight for justice.

Here are the links again:

Update on 1st February 2022: I have recently found out these people claim they managed to get the Police record a crime against my name in May 2020. I didn't even know they had complained about me at that time. Anyway, their report was labelled as a 'false allegation'. Apparently these people wanted me prosecuted for many things they claim I said about petty to bizarre to inappropriate things during the proceedings. Most of them are also about the wrongs they did and are mentioned in previous judgments but they distort and turn them around to use against me. For example they were obsessively alleging I lied in my CV despite having got confirmation of my employments from my former employers -during the proceedings- by misrepresenting themselves. They confirmed my employments going back to twenty years ago in this way. They still can't say what that lie on my CV is supposed to be. I have a letter from the Information Commissioner's Office advising me to report them to Action Fraud. Another bizarre thing is that they told the Police I resigned and we parted on good terms. So all this is they think they have a right to do because I took the pay issue to an Employment Tribunal in 2018.

I believe these people are making similar allegations behind the scenes to get more people to harass me and to influence decisions against me. Please let me know if that happens to be you.

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