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Letters to their employers?

In the Employment Appeal Tribunal judgment in this link:

The judge claimed I had sent 'letters to the employers'. I will find the paragraph another time. As I had not sent any letters to any employers I assumed he was either distorting something they said or was making it up to help these people who asked him to save Melanie Mareuge-Lejeune/Griffiths' job by making me look bad. I checked their bundle which contained edited and forged documents and had been prepared without my input or my documents, and found an entry that is described as 'Copies of judgment sent to one of the appellant's workplace'. it is a page of an email that contains links of judgments on the GOV. UK website which had been posted online for at least two years. There is a French word at the bottom and is something to do with a Google search. There is nothing on this page that is not posted online or public, nor is it more than one page, nor is it described as 'letters' by even these people. This judge who had also described banana receipts these people demanded I paid to them as new family evidence apparently turned this page into letters to employers. This is just one example of his serious distortions about this hearing which I can only describe as abusive. Below is the copy of the page.

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