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Warning for Namesakes

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

When I was growing up I was under the false impression that my name was quite unique. Then I went to university and there was another girl by my name who was the exact same age as me staying in the student hall. I know that there is at least two more females by my exact name in London. I believe they are from Turkey and there may be some men from Cyprus who carries our name and surname.

Well I owe all of you a warning. There is a female person who is very much interested in our name and is very comfortable using misrepresentation to collect information. If you notice anything unusual, if you get approached or your workplace or anywhere else connected to you is under any kind of unwanted attention please contact the relevant authorities and the the Police. This person has boundary issues and is very cunning. She is obsessed for reasons I will. talk about later when I am not tired. For now just keep safe..

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